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Serial Number Search
This article describes ways to find your The M&R Companies equipment serial number. It is applicable for all equipment made by The M&R Companies.

How to find replacement parts for your equipment?

  • Equipment Serial Number should be your starting point when searching for a replacement part.
  • When using serial number, search results will contain only items shipped with your equipment.
  • Besides correct parts identification, serial number search will give you more information about your equipment, equipment manuals, electrical drawings, etc.

Don't guess when searching for a replacement part - use your equipment serial number!

How to find your equipment serial number?

  • Equipment serial number is located within the Equipment Identification Plate.
  • Equipment Identification Plate contains information helping us to uniquely identify our products.
  • Serial number is located on the bottom-right corner of Equipment Identification Plate (marked with red box on image below).
  • Equipment Identification Plate palcement differs for various product lines.
  • It is a good practice to know where to find Equipment Identification Plate since it will the first information we will ask for when communicating with you.

Equipment Identification Plate

Equipment Identification Plate

How to search parts using a serial number?

  • Use Serial Number Search Box - Located within the store.mrprint.com landing page
    Serial Number Search Box
  • Use General Search Box - Located within every page header (upper right corner)
    General Search Box
  • Within either search filed, enter your serial number and click on "GO" button.

Note: We do not exchange your machine information with general public - so please Log In before searching serial number.

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